Katrina Kuzyszyn-Jones, Psy.D.

With over 20 years of clinical experience, I’ve worked with individuals and families in various stages of their lives. I truly enjoy helping people find more meaning in their life, explore what’s next, and heal from past hurts.

I have a Master’s in Forensic Psychology and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I lead our team to ensure we provide neutral, unbiased, and thorough evaluations for those involved in criminal, family law, and personal injury cases.

Forensic psychology involves the intersection of human behavior and the legal system. While my roots are in criminal psychology, the area of expertise I’ve developed in the past 13 years is working with children, adolescents and parents experiencing divorce. I can help you develop or strengthen a co-parenting relationship, create a parenting time plan, work individually with you or your child, or work together as a family.

For those looking to separate with dignity and respect, I offer traditional and non-traditional Mediation services. I am a certified Family Financial Mediator. I am a Parenting Coordinator. If you are involved in a Collaborative Divorce, I can serve as a Divorce Coach and Child Specialist. I offer Divorce Counseling, Co-Parenting, and Parenting Plan Consultation. I also work collaboratively with my team offering Reunification Therapy, Psychological Evaluations, Custody Evaluations, Substance Abuse Evaluations, and Guardian Ad Litem Evaluations.