Navigating the Intricacies of Parental Alienation, Gatekeeping, and Parent-Child Contact Problems

Understand, Engage, Resolve

Welcome to an indispensable series of trainings designed to guide professionals navigating the intricate and sensitive issues of Parental Alienation.

Who Is This Video Training Series For?

  • Clinicians working with:
  • Children, adults, couples, or families experiencing separation or divorce
  • Children resisting or refusing to spend time with a parent
  • Clients involved in custody disputes or struggling with their co-parent
  • Attorneys or judges working with cases involving:
  • Allegations of “parental alienation” and/or domestic violence
  • Children resisting or refusing to spend time with one parent
  • A need to understand research and/or best practices for parent-child contact problems
  • Evaluators interested in learning more about:
  • The research and controversies surrounding the term, “Parental Alienation”
  • Ways of assessing and describing family dynamics in resist/refuse cases
  • Best practices for evaluations involving resist/refuse dynamics

What Is Included?

This training describes the many overlapping terms and concepts related to the controversial term, “Parental Alienation.” The emphasis is on current literature and research on the topic.

You will learn about:

  • The history of the term
  • Updated terminology and models used to assess and describe contact problems between parents and children
  • Major issues surrounding contact problems
  • Interventions that can be provided to families
  • Recommendations and best practices for individuals working with contact problems

This training includes a series of four short (15-20 minute) videos that offer detailed descriptions as well as summaries of key points, using an example of a specific family experiencing a common dynamic.

Video 1: History, Terms, and Conceptual Model
19 minutes

Video 2: Gatekeeping – The Research Base
15 minutes

Video 3: Issues and Interventions
17 minutes

Video 4: Recommendations and Best Practices
15 minutes


If you're wrestling with understanding a parent's allegations of "alienation", trying to make sense of a child's resistance to spending time with their parent, or are perplexed by the complexities of post-divorce family dynamics, this training was tailor-made for your professional needs.

Invest in a deeper understanding and acquire the tools to effectively support those suffering the effects of Parental Alienation. Embrace the knowledge, master the interventions, and make a difference.


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