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Access To Care: Why Using a Student Counselor Makes Sense

Given the current stressors that we face with COVID-19, unemployment, racial tensions, and political unrest, more people are seeking support for dealing with anxiety, depression, and grief. However, some people do not seek services due to lack of financial resources. Here at KKJ, we offer sliding scale and pro-bono services, often through the use of […]

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What are the Cognitive Effects of Chronic Internet Usage?

The Internet today affects every aspect of daily life, from maintaining long distance relationships through social media, to educational platforms, to digital portfolios in business, et cetera. It is an expansive center of information that is available through computers, smartphones, smart televisions, and even in certain automobiles. While used in developed countries on an almost daily […]

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Social Connection During Social Isolation

How might these uncertain times, marked by extended periods of social isolation, be impacting us and the ones we love? Social isolation may be especially challenging for those living alone or in unsafe situations. Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a rise in domestic violence reports. Additionally, even when we seem to have all we need, […]

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