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Parental Alienation, Parent-Child Contact Problems, and Gatekeeping

The concept of parental alienation has been the subject of much controversy in the mental health and legal fields, and related concepts, such as gatekeeping, are often poorly understood.

Johnston and Sullivan (2020) noted that controversy over parental alienation has lasted over three decades, and the concept has managed to remain a “complaint du jour” in high-conflict family court disputes.

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Getting To Yes – Negotiating Agreements

We’ve had some recent posts about dealing with anger, but not all “conflict” results from anger. At times, we have to negotiate agreements at work, with loved ones, or in a legal situation. Traditional ideas about keeping yourself calm, maintaining respect, and being empathetic are important, but here are some specific strategies for reaching an […]

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8 Tips For Diffusing Anger In Others

​In a previous article, we discussed 10 tips for managing anger within yourself. In this article, we’re going to discuss several tips you can use to diffuse anger in others. We all deal with angry people at various times in life, from an angry customer to an angry colleague to an angry spouse or family […]

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